Instead of looking at your assets as isolated items, we look at all your brand elements to explore how might we best add value to your branded business.

This happens within a four-point framework to make the heart and soul of your business shine.

Creating your brand promise and helping you to keep it

Purposely build your reputation.

The process of Branding isn’t just creating a professional look (even though that’s one of the benefits) it sets an expectation.

To build a valuable brand for your business means it’s built to deliver on the expectation it sets. If you’re able to achieve consistency at every touchpoint you’ll continue to meet your consumer’s needs and deliver a great experience.

Have the skills to strategise and execute

Getting the right idea and successfully executing it is what creates a successful solution. This doesn’t happen looking at one part, it must consider if it’s business viable, if people find it desirable and if it’s technically feasible.

Using our unique project framework, even the most challenging and complex projects are putty in our hands.

It’s hard to meet every need.

Delight your customer.

Trying to deliver great customer experience seems an out of reach expectation considering most companies don’t achieve a superior service, in fact 92% don’t.

“80% of companies believe they provide a superior service.
8% of their customers agreed with them.”
— Bain Customer Led Growth diagnostic questionnaire, 2005.

So yep, it’s hard — even the biggest companies can’t get it right. Working with Rai Projects we listen to you to understand your business as if it was our own, we hear you customer to better your relationships and we solve malfunction parts to improve every interaction.

Four Point Framework

Every stage ends in a tangible outcome…

Understanding You.

We listen to you and try to understand your business as if it was our own. And we don’t separate strategy and identity instead we mix the two together, exploring where and how to improve your brand. This means we enter into your business and inject our knowledge and expertise where it is most valuable.

The goal is to define your brand’s focus. A strong brand bridges the gap between who you are and what others believe.

Better your client relationships.

To meet a client’s needs you must understand what it’s like to be them. Finding your store, sitting in your waiting room, using your websites contact form or downloading your app — all your clients will experience your business’s processes.

We identify what it’s like to be your client, and to help you see things from their perspective. This gives you the opportunity to see your business from the outside to understand what it should be doing.

Understand your Touchpoints.

A touchpoint is every time you interact with your consumer. They’re important because individually they serve a sole purpose and together they build your brand and business experience.

By identifying and assessing the touchpoints we can define what can be designed, updated or shelved and where new touchpoint can be introduced to add the most value.

This allows you to react and adapt to your consumer’s needs while maintaining  brand aesthetic and keep within your budget.

Make insights tangible.

We’re Designers, we create tangible outcomes, not a list of recommendations or 20 page report. Based on the insights we achieved we prioritise your options from highly valuable to nice-to-haves to create a plan to deliver effective touchpoints that supports longevity.

Together, we discover opportunities to advance your service and improve your operational efficiencies to meet client’s needs…and then go beyond their expectations.

It’s long enough to get it right and short enough to keep you moving

  • Have an effective brand with the tools you need to implement it
  • Connect with your customer
  • Be professional and have consistency
  • Find the reason why people buy
  • Identify your unique strengths and give them a leg up
  • Staged costs to suit your cashflow
  • Have a strong identity that articulates your message
  • Know how to integrate and use your brand now and in the future
  • A project plan built for you without a predefined solution so you invest into what you need
  • Understand your client for opportunities to link your goals to their needs

Start to build the bridge between who you are and how people see you.

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