And then the retail store said “I’m losing my edge to the Internet.”

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So you own a real life retail store? Undoubtably you have seen the competitor; online store, rapidly grow into a major threat, which I am sure has caused you to look at your real life shop and business and see what should be done.

Problem is, I see the Retail stores are in state of loosing their identity…

“I’ll have to lower my price”….You want to make a profit right? That’s not the answer, the answer is to review your strategy,  – your plan – look at your business model, reassess your customer.

Ask yourself, “What can I do to ensure my store has value?” “What do I do that is different?”

But, also you need to understand what your customer has learnt from using an online store service, and how can you make your physical experience surpass that? Or rather, what have they missed?

Showroom < Experience

Less showroom style approach and more experience creators.

What makes social media possible?.. people doing things. You can’t post a status about this “awesome coffee you had where the barista drew a portrait of you on the cup instead of writing your name” if it didn’t happen.

You can advertise the fact you’re on Facebook, but why would I post anything unless you gave me an incentive to share a moment?

Make your store something to talk about.

Look at Apple, they have workshops to learn how to use their products. Instead of having a new season launch night, why couldn’t that store have a How to Wear this Seasons Style workshop? Here you can incorporate the online conversations and create an genuine experience.

Know this, more and more online stores are installing live chats. You need to have good staff that can answer all the questions, and equally important they need to make your customer feel positive about spending their time in your store.

If you find yourself saying “the online store caused my business to fail”. Sit yourself down, don’t give up, understand this has opened a new market for you to be smart, efficient, clever and make someone feel something new – even brighten their day. You have the ability to do something new so be inspired to do that… you can make the online store lose it’s edge.

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