Motivate to sell, when you just want to get to work!

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It’s hard to priorities selling. If you’re like me, you don’t wake up in the morning motivated to sell; you just want to get to work, crossing off your tasks and doing your best.

I’m passionate about what I do, and I do want to tell the world…when they ask.

I can’t lie. I haven’t been to motivate to sell. Even though I know it’s important, it’s ‘blah’ to me.  It’s like doing the dishes or ironing.  It’s last on my list and what I procrastinate on.

I feel useless at sales. As much use as an ashtray on a motorbike.

It’s ironic, isn’t it? Without sales, there isn’t any work to be done. But are you motivated yet? Nope, me neither.

I’ve tried writing ‘sales’ on my list of to-do’s

Reaching out to previous clients, attempting pipelines, agile lead maps, and different online and offline sales funnels. All methods made me feel like I had a plan, but three weeks in, I had nothing to show for it.

They say a bad craftsman blames his tools. But with tools that don’t resonate with your process how can it possibly help motivate y’all to do what doesn’t come naturally?

Illustration by Meghann Stephenson.

The Sales Pimple

My distaste for sales has become a pimple in my quest for ‘business success’, which we all know is just codeword for a ‘happy, balanced life.’

The sales-pimple whispers…”You’re a graphic designer for christ-sake, you’re about as common as the household fly.”

Sales-pimple didn’t help. Ever. It just made me want to avoid selling altogether.

This pimple made me feel like I couldn’t sell water to someone on fire. But it’s just not true.  I sell other’s skills every day, why is it so hard to do for myself?

Illustration by Meghann Stephenson.

Goal Setting using  a ‘chalkboard’

Until the Chalkboard Method* came into my life — I didn’t actually do sales. It’s great because it’s tangible, simple, goes on the wall, and it rewards you.

  • Find your yearly income and break it into short term goals. So your objectives are realistic and achievable (goodbye overwhelm!).
  • Simply see what’s missing so you can get started and motivated.
  • It’s “in your face”, and it’s not ugly. You’re not cluttering your workspace or you mind.

The chalkboard is a space dedicated to what you want — whether that’s new clients, followers, talking gigs, ebook downloads. Whatever it is, it needs to be measurable, and you need to be able to write it down.

Here’s how you do it.

  1. Timescale: I set goals to complete over four months. That’s three chalkboards over the year.
  2. I identified three products I understood the most and completed frequently.
  3. At the top, I wrote my income goal for the year. Divide that by three to set my dollar goal for each chalkboard.
  4. Great, now I know over the four months I can physically complete:
    5x Product A, 10x Product B and 5x Product C = 20 squares.
  5. So I drew a 4×5 table. In the first column, I numbered each square 1—5, next two columns I numbers 1—10, and the last 1—5.
    Column 1: to be filled with Product A sales
    Column 2 and 3: to be filled with Product B
    And column 4, with Product C.
  6. Guess what? Now I can now confirm my fee for each service will help me reach my income goal for the year. Did it? Nope. I need to raise my prices by about 50 bucks.
  7. Now with every win, fill in a space. Once all spaces are full — you’ve reached your goal!

Hang on, did I set my new price structure, simplify my services and visualise my goals?

YEP! And I did it with my morning coffee.

Simple, and now it’s on my wall.

I’ve filled five squares. That’s three more than before my chalkboard was on the wall.
And it’s easy to set my goals because I can see I have fifteen to go in the next four months totally doable.

Since using the chalkboard, I’ve listened to sales podcasts, tried my first facebook ad and started a short course.

Safe to say, I’m now motivated!

So what was holding me back? Lack of motivation, because I felt overwhelmed and lacked clarity.  What made me think I sucked at it? I didn’t track my wins! The chalkboard is the tool I needed.


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*Chalkboard Method learned from Being Boss podcast.

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