Do you have the solution?

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If your internal monologue today spoke something along the lines of “Man that’s annoying, why did that have to be so hard?” or “Surely there is a better way?”, well then I’m talking to you. Referencing an absolute must read Creative Confidence by Tom and David Kelley) consider this “I wonder if I could fix that by the end of today?”

This attitude could be defined as an entrepreneurial spirit, or maybe it’s Kelley’s term creative confidence?

“…at it’s foundation is the belief that we areall creative. The truth is we all have far more creative potential waiting to be tapped into.” “Creative confidence is a way of seeing that potential and your place in the world more clearly, unclouded by anxiety and doubt.”

So do you need to be an Artist? A Designer? Or could we expect that you need knowledge about something and a little confidence in your ability to find a creative solution.

Design thinking agency IDEO have worked with many individuals within many organisations and have seen that their method and collaborative approach has produced new creative mindsets in those individuals and their lives. From law to science, Apple to The North Face in China.

The results?

  • Housing optimised for the needs of service people returning from war zones;
  • innovation teams in hallways;
  • low cost systems for hearing aids among elderly villages in developing countries.

These people all gained and achieved goals because they all gained creative confidence – they found the capacity to innovate.

Working with clients and friends in a collaborative environment has concreted my belief that everyone has the ability…once the correct attitudes, tools and relationships have been tapped into.

“Individuals who come to believe that they can effect change are more likely to accomplish what they set out to do.”

Change ‘failure-is-not-an-option’ attitude to doing a series of small experiments to see what could happen.

Replace ‘someone should’ to ‘I could’. Choose creativity; decide to make it happen.

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