Reshaping business to do better.

We are a local, Adelaide Hills creative studio focused on helping business that are stuck on a plateau to flourish. Through a mix of strategy and identity we work to reveal opportunities, to reshape business to tackle future problems, and motivate ongoing growth.

Rai Projects happend by Lucinda Roberts asking how can human-centered brand design be applied to and solve small to medium sized business problems?

By reshaping the design approach, we’re reshaping local business in Adelaide Hills and broader South Australia.

  • We make it easier.

  • Striving to have empathy for people and patience for new ideas to appear in the process.

  • Always building, learning, improving and changing.

We deliver brands that reshape business to do better.

Your brand isn’t a logo, advertising or other byproducts of your visual communications. It’s your promise. Your customers, clients, suppliers and consumers all have an expectation of your business that has been set by your brand promise.

Often, what a business owner see’s as tangible or visualised forms of communication; is actually their promise setting an expectation. When you’re able to meet those expectations, that is when your brand has it’s greatest value.

Your visual communications have lost value when you can’t see or understand its strategy. By mixing together strategy and identity — the why with the what — we build communication that adds value to your business.

  • People wanted it and loved getting it.

  • You were able to meet expectations within your own business limitations.

  • You were able to continually deliver in different situations.

What is brand value?

Your brand’s value isn’t just winning sales over your competitor. The value is in the moment when you deliver on exactly what your customer expected from you.

The act of branding is setting that expectation, the value is meeting it.

How does Rai deliver value?

We have a strategy built, people focused process, with the practicality to deliver. By weaving together strategy and identity, we deliver valuable, sustainable, trusted brands that can reshape and shift to their changing environments. We find your brand promise, and help you to keep it.

The face behind Rai Projects

Lucinda is a designer with a very fine sensibility for human interaction, and spaces both physical and digital. Lucinda’s greatest strength is in problem solving using design thinking.

Her history working with Studios expands her experience in varied areas of design including graphic design, branding, public domain, space design and environmental design.

Lucinda is an active member of the design and startup community. She gets a kick out of connecting creative people with resources and networks — running ‘Awesome Foundation’ ($1k grants every month to anything awesome) and ‘Friends with Benefits’ (a platform to give creative folk a place to showcase their produce or ideas). If that ain’t enough, she also contributes as a council member for co-working space ‘Hub Adelaide’ and ‘relay’ creative collective, and Australian Graphic Design Association.

Lucinda Roberts

Creative Strategist

Follow @lucindakroberts on twitter or connect with her on LinkedIn.

Rai Projects is based in the town of Lobethal in the beautiful Adelaide Hills, where we serve coffee in yellow cups and dogs to pat.

We help business, consultants, charities and social enterprise in the Barossa Valley and Adelaide Hills who are looking for way to build, reinvent and improve their outcomes.

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Community is close to our hearts. Rai Projects is behind two local initiatives: Awesome Foundation Adelaide and Friends with Benefits.