Is this you?

Your brand doesn’t feel right, or connected, or true any more
You care that your consumers love their experience with you
You’ve got a roadblock somewhere in your business
You’d like to see your brand fit with future goals and business growth

Rai Projects is a design studio specialising in branding and brand-led businesses. Along with delivering your graphic design needs, we also build you a four-point framework to help you reach your business goals. That way, your branding and investment into design also align to your business vision and growth.

Many businesses have branding visuals, not everyone’s business model aligns to their brand intentions.

Build your way up

Using our unique project framework, we mix strategy and identity together to break through your barriers and reshape your business into a brand that will stand the test of time. We work alongside you to make real shift, and deliver real outcomes.

The four-point framework is long enough to get it right; staged to inspire; and short enough to get you moving. Interested?

A Professional Touch

If you’re just looking for a new logo and some branded assets like photography and a website to help you be well presented and professional. You’d benefit from a simple process that leaves you informed to produce:

  • business cards
  • promotional flyers
  • social media styling
  • signage
  • website
  • branded assets
  • … and a range of other assets to support your direction.

Working with Startups.

You’re starting lean, we understand that. And being lean also means making educated choices, quickly. It may be tempting to skip brand development in the rush to get a new product to market.

Using a Branding Lean concept ensures those hypotheses you’re testing is grounded in strategic intent and market insights.

By starting with your end-users, you end with results that fit perfectly.

Our brand process centres around how people feel about, and interact with, your business.

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Not sure where to start?

Rai Projects allows you to have a brand and meet the promises it sets.

Download our free PDF toolkit to ask yourself. Or join our waiting list to our next coaching session.

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Who is Rai anyway?

We take a unique perspective on solving brand-related business problems.

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See Case studies

See strategy and identity mix to add value to these branded businesses.

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Building a community

Insight without action is worthless.

Our community makes bold and courageous moves and takes action on long-held dreams. Curious what might be in store for you?

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Working with Schools

We’re learning by teaching.

To quote Phil Collins (In Tarzan)  “In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.” And we have to agree with that ’99 blockbuster track.

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